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14 Must-Have Assets to Diversify Your SEO Portfolio

There are so many tricks and tactics you can use to boost your SEO strategy that sometimes it can feel completely overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve put together 14 of our favorite white hat SEO techniques you can use to pump up your search engine marketing.

14 Must have assets to diversify your SEO portfolio

1. Speed up your site

Buy a subscription to a caching service (or get a plugin), host images yourself and reduce the weight of your website to make it go faster. Gtmetrix will give you a free speed report that you can use to help you find where you can speed things along. Speed is a ranking factor, so the faster your site the better your SEO.

2. Remove duplicate content

A holdover from the era of SEO keyword stuffing, Google punishes duplicate content pretty severely. Use a tool like Screaming Frog to make sure you don’t have duplicated content on your site.

3. Focus keywords in H1 and H2 tags

SEO keywords still remain important, despite Google’s best efforts to the contrary. To get the most bang for your keyword buck, try and focus on using them NATURALLY in H1 and H2 headings.

4. Limit H1 tags to one per page

There should only be one H1 tag per page. A blog, for example, might use H1 tags for their titles. If you’re using H1 tags for subheadings, switch them to H2 tags.

5. Specify what anchor text people linking to your site should use

If you have a network of bloggers linking to your site, specify what anchor text they use (anchor text is the text that you actually link, so if we linked to the Wikipedia page about anchors, the word ‘anchor’ is the anchor text). Google uses anchor text to work out what the page that’s being linked to is about, and it can help raise your authority within Google’s SEO rankings.

6. Add alt tags to your images

When Google crawls your site, it can’t see pictures – it relies on alt tags to know what the picture is. Without an alt tag (or with an alt tag that’s useless like 12345.png), Google won’t know what to make of it – and you’ll miss out on the SEO help.

7. Make your site look good on mobile

Google has been using mobile friendliness as a ranking factor since at least 2015. Make sure you’re getting the most from your development and web marketing dollars by making your site mobile friendly. Whether you opt for a responsive design, a mobile microsite or a mobile app, just make sure it looks good on a phone.

8. Use LSI keywords

LSI keywords, or Latent Semantic Indexing, are essentially related keywords to the ones you’re using. For example, if you’re using the keyword ‘website SEO’, an LSI keyword might be search engine optimization tools. There are many sources for LSI keywords, including Google’s ‘related terms’, Google AdWords, LSI keyword generators and tools like Jaaxy.

9. Write longer content

It’s become clear over the last couple of years that longer content tends to perform better than short stuff (generally, there are plenty of caveats here). Focusing on longer pieces gives you a chance to maximize SEO content value, as well as provide more opportunity for long tail keywords.

10. Write a great snippet

A snippet is the stuff that comes up when your site shows up in the search engine rankings. Here is ours:

Burkhart Snippet

You want to make sure yours makes sense, is legible and draws your readers in. The more people who click, the better your SEO ranking is going to be.

11. Make your site an HTTPS secure site

Getting an SSL certificate to make your website a secure one (it’ll show up as HTTPS instead of HTTP) is a quick and easy way to get a guaranteed SEO win. Google wants sites to be more secure, so they use security as a ranking factor. Getting your website a SSL certificate will help (they’re pretty cheap).

12. Provide incentives for reviews

Reviews are critical, especially for local SEO. First, it will help people know how great your business are since it’s social proof. Second, Moz attributed 5% of search engine ranking to social signals. For most franchises (especially restaurant franchises) that means reviews.

13. Respond to comments

The more comments you have, the more content you have on your site (which is good). It also shows deeper user engagement, which Google loves. To encourage comments, have a CTA at the end of your blog posts asking for comments, and make sure you respond when people write them.

14. Link each page internally and externally

With various updates over the years and an increasing focus on authority, Google’s made it clear that being connected to the network of the internet is really important. An easy way to do this is to make sure every post or page you write for your site has 1-2 internal links, as well as 1-2 external ones. The stronger your connection is to the broader network, the better off your site is going to be.

There you have it. 14 (mostly) quick and (mostly) easy SEO techniques you can start to apply to your site. With these in your back pocket, you’ll be number one in the SERPS in no time.

Think you’ve got a great SEO strategy that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

The Right Tools for Digital Marketing

When starting out in digital marketing you have to search for the right tools. You need tools of communication, tools of creativity, tools of knowledge and along the way you’ll discover the need for many other tools.

We have our toolbox open and we’re ready to show you how to nail Digital Marketing! We’re no carpenters, but when it comes to the digital stuff, we know what to do.

Build Digital Content Differently

Content. Building content doesn’t require a large budget, but it can have a huge impact on your business. It will increase traffic to your site and it will keep people coming back for more.

Easy right? Don’t forget your tools!

You’ll need to analyze your competitors before you start building your content. Determine how you can build differently. Once you decide the right angle you can start chipping away at blogs, videos, presentations and infographics.

Form a Crew of People to Support Your Digital Marketing Efforts

It’s important to let your family and friends know what you’ve set out to do. Email or reach out to everyone in your personal and professional network. More than likely, they are going to want to help you get started.

Share What You’ve Built
Once you’ve built your brand and content the real work begins. Now it’s time to show it off! You wouldn’t spend hours building a beautiful wooden chair and then put it in the closet, so why would you let your content just sit on your website?

Remember that crew you formed earlier? Now is the time to utilize their powers.

Social media is a great way to syndicate your content. With creativity and great content you should be able to develop a big following. It won’t be instant or easy, but remember your crew can simplify the process.

Bring More People to Your Door
SEO can be complicated but it’s worth the time. You’ll need a strong, well thought out SEO strategy to compete online. You’ve built the content and you have the crew, but without an investment in SEO, how will people know what you have to offer?

The Key Benefits of Investing in SEO

  • A high ROI
  • A longer-lasting strategy than a pay-per-click campaign
  • A higher click-through-rate and higher conversion rate than pay-per-click campaigns
  • A cost-effective way to grow your business and build a strong online brand presence
  • An increase in traffic

The one challenge is that you need to have the patience to do it right. It won’t be a huge success and generate money immediately. It may take a few months to optimize.

Find Your Tools and Build Your Digital Marketing Plan
The bottom line is that there are many options to drive traffic. Don’t get overwhelmed! Start with picking just one channel, once you’ve mastered it, move onto the next. There are numerous resources to help you. BMA is one of them! So don’t make any more excuse. Get started now.

Just remember, with the right tools you can do anything.

Burkhart Marketing Associates is a full-service Indianapolis Marketing Firm. BMA’s mission is to outthink, outwork, outperform and have fun doing it. Contact BMA today if you are looking for a plan and process for digital Marketing. We can provide all the right tools for a full-service and integrated approach. Check out Burkhart Marketing Associates on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter

Ideas. Action. Results.

Reputation Matters, So Does List Segmentation

You probably already know what list segmentation is, but are you utilizing it to build your reputation for your business? Let’s cover the basics. List segmentation is the process of dividing your prospect/customer list (or database) into distinct groups of buyers. By doing this you can improve your marketing efforts through the targeting of a highly applicable message to a defined audience.

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A Companies’ Wrecking Ball: Not Blogging

BMA or Bacon Cheeseburger?
BMA or Bacon Cheeseburger?

Imagine that Burkhart Marketing Associates is a Bacon Cheeseburger. I know you’re thinking, “where is this going,” but stay with me. When all the components to a Bacon Cheeseburger are properly prepared and artfully crafted together you have a mouthwatering, delightful treat. Now, let’s examine each part of Burkhart Marketing and that burger that has your mouth watering.

The Bun: The Burkhart  staff serves as the bun to the sandwich. They are supportive and the right consistency to keep the sandwich together. If the bun is too hard ideas cannot be accepted, clients will be disappointed and the sandwich will crumble. If the bun is too soft the sandwich will fall apart and certain key components will slip.

The Meat: Our clients make up the meat of the sandwich. They are undoubtedly the most important aspect to the sandwich. They give us flavor, texture and substance. Without our amazing clients we are a meatless burger. I don’t know about you, but that just doesn’t sound right.

The Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and other Condiments:  The condiments of the sandwich are made up of our ideas, talents, vendors and programs we use to deliver great products to our clients. Without these additives our sandwich would be bland and probably taste like those cardboard burgers we all used to get in the cafeteria.

Even though we have this great Cheeseburger and we are delivering great things to our clients we still think something is missing…

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Menus Going in the Digital Direction


Digital Menu Boards at a McAlister’s Deli in Carmel, Indiana.


Menus Going in the Digital Direction

You may have noticed something different in the past year at one of your favorite restaurants. While in-line ordering at a fast casual restaurant, menus are starting to look more entertaining to the eye? That’s because many chains are in the process of developing and adding digital menu boards to all of their units!

What is a digital menu board?

Digital menu boards are LCD, Plasma, TV or LED screens that take the place of static menu boards in restaurant venues. Content is delivered to the menu board through a central content manager and changes are displayed to the menu dynamically based on the requirements of the venue.

Restaurant companies like its ability to make changes to menu pricing, food images, and promotional messaging on the fly. The industry seems to enjoy the features of presenting attractive moving HD images of product or commercial clips. These crisp components are simplifying their operations, better engaging customers and even changing their point of sale. It is also helping them to manage their overstocked inventory by pushing those specific items that are over-supplied.

What does a digital menu board look like? We’re glad you asked. Here’s a youtube video of one at McDonald’s displaying its amazing graphics and mouth-watering shots and clips of their McCafe items like their new Chocolate Chip Frappe.

This past year, Burger King unveiled an entire line of digital menu boards to nearly all of their locations making it the first and leader among the larger chains. Months ago, Burger King pushed a brownie sundae animation that had such an impact that they ran out of product. But since then, others have caught up and are joining the digital party.

Tim Horton’s Café plans to have digital menu boards at more than 3,000 of their Canadian locations by the end of next year. Additional chains like Dairy Queen and Subway are slowly coming around to testing it in their restaurants as well.

While there isn’t enough data to support the change in sales in the digital menu boards, some chains such as McAlister’s Deli (307 unit deli of Ridgeland, Mississippi) according to their data, have cited a 12 month break-even point for the technology in their stores. More data will come out in the next year but for now, most chains have not shared any details about how the technology has impacted their sales.

More and more companies will be using digital signage in the next few years, and it’s going to encompass all industries not just in the restaurant business. We at Burkhart Marketing Associates have the experience to be your vendor on all your digital signage needs and can work with you on creating ideas and delivering results.

For even more information read the following article from Nation’s Restaurant News or contact our Digital Services Department at