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Landing Pages Demystified

Landing pages can turn a standard website into a conversion machine. Leveraging your business’ advertising and stretching your marketing dollars further. Here’s the lowdown on what’s up with landing pages.

Landing Pages Demystified

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a simple part of internet marketing. It’s a dedicated web page where customers land when they do some specific action.

This is easily explained through a hypothetical marketing case study.

Imagine you are a food franchise. Let’s says your marketing plan is based around a special – ‘order online, and get a free side dish’. This is rolled out through all your usual online marketing tools: social media, pay per click marketing ads, organic content marketing, affiliates, etc.…

Now you have two options. You can promote it online and drive all the traffic to your home page, where you have a promo banner that you use to feature the special.

Or you can drive them to a dedicated landing page, specific to this promotion and funnel them straight to your shopping user flow.

The benefits of a landing page are clear:

  • Better experience for the customer
  • Closer alignment between what the customer expects and what you provide
  • More seamless online/offline linkages
  • More effective marketing strategy and thus, better conversions
  • Measurement!

How do I get one?

There are two main ways to get a landing page – create one on your own site or use a third-party provider.

Custom landing page

You can simply add a landing page to your existing site. Depending on your marketing agency and the rules around your franchise, it’s relatively easy to create a new page and drive people to it.

The upside is that it’s virtually free; it lives within your existing web presence, and will probably match your web look and feel seamlessly.

The downside is that it might not be as effective as a third-party landing page, because it wasn’t designed specifically for that job.

Third-party landing pages

A third-party landing page, like one created through the internet marketing platform Unbounce, has the advantage of being absolutely brilliant at what they do:

  • Allows you to create, test and deploy quickly
  • Tracks everything with loads of data

However, there’s usually an associated fee when you use a third-party. Also, because it’s not hosted entirely by your team, recreating the look and feel of your site might be more trouble than it’s worth.

A/B Testing

The last major benefit of a landing page (especially if you go for a third-party option) is that it lets you A/B test relatively easily.

A/B testing is super simple: when your customers land on your landing page, half see one thing and half see a slightly different thing. In one, the CTA might be ‘buy now’. In the other, it might be ‘Get it now’. You see which version drives more conversions. Once you have enough data to know which is better, you change your landing page so everyone sees the better version.

The point is that A/B testing lets you refine your marketing tactics over time to drive a better conversion.

A dedicated landing page is the best environment for A/B testing because you have control over what the customer sees and can very quickly change it in response to new data.


Landing pages should be a part of your internet marketing strategy and can be critical to your internet marketing optimization as you refine your various channels. They are an excellent tool for helping you improve your marketing effectiveness, whether you opt for owned or choose a third-party supplier.

Need help designing your landing pages? We are always here when you need us.

4 Steps to Attainable Medical Marketing

Do you feel like your medical marketing efforts can’t keep up with the deep pockets of your biggest competition?

With recent healthcare reform changes, every one is talking about the changing healthcare marketing landscape. Hospitals used to dominate, but now health service providers such as physical therapy offices, stand-alone radiology and laboratories are looking for opportunities to increase awareness and gain market share.

If you are an independent healthcare provider, what are you doing to make potential new clients aware of your location? How do you come up with new ideas to market yourself, compete with hospital systems, and maximize your profitability? Medical marketing doesn’t have to be unattainable if you:

  1. Make Marketing Your Services a Priority.
    Your clients are your first priority, but be sure to dedicate budget and management staff time to marketing. Marketing provides measurable results thatalternate text
    work towards your business goals. Taking time to determine the top strengths and weaknesses of your practice can help you identify new marketing opportunities.
  2. Create a One-Year Marketing Plan
    Developing a marketing plan for your business can be done with a medical marketing consultant or on your own. A marketing plan should have set, measurable goals that are attainable over a defined period of time and include specific projects that will assist you in attaining those goals. You should also incorporate budget allocation for each item in the plan and work to stay within those limits.
  3. Embrace New Opportunities
    Perhaps you have bought the same ad in the same publication for years. But, what if trying something you haven’t done before, like digital radio ads, brought more new clients or if developing a creative mobile app brought existing client back in more often? Don’t let lack of experience or knowledge about marketing channels hold your business back from achieving better results.
  4. Partner with Experts.
    You don’t need a million dollars to get expert medical marketing ideas. Technology, the internet, and mobile marketing have completely changed the advertising landscape.

If you decide you want an expert partner, Burkhart Marketing will offer a FREE ASSESSMENT on your current marketing efforts.

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Resolutions are the Solutions

It’s that time of year when everyone has the mentality “New Year, New Me.” Well, it’s not any different for a company like Burkhart Marketing Associates. We are constantly striving to better our services, knowledge and relationships and have created a list of our 2014 resolutions to help us get there.

If we aren’t regularly evaluating ourselves then we can’t adequately grow our client’s businesses. This years’ resolutions will not only grow Burkhart Marketing Associates, but in return, will also benefit the amazing clients we surround ourselves with. Here’s to an outstanding 2014!

1. Provide great service to our clients

Providing great service to our clients is what Burkhart Marketing Associates was built on as a business. In 2014, to deliver great services to our customers we are going to focus, among many things, on being good listeners, identifying and anticipating needs and giving more than expected.

2. Learn & grow our skill sets

Trying to stay in business and grow without a clear strategy is a recipe for disaster so Burkhart Marketing Associates sets resolutions and goals throughout the year. To satisfy our clients, and ourselves we must learn and grow quickly because the fast-paced world around us is ever changing.

3. Visit clients

We have great clients; in order to foster and grow those relationships we must spend time with them. A client visit should focus on listening to the client and learning more about the client’s business in order to plan for the year ahead.

4. Build relationships

In a relationship honesty and trust must exist. Honesty and trust take time to build, therefore, relationships take time. Our clients are important and appreciated and we want to make them feel that way. In 2014 we aren’t only planning to create new long-standing relationships but also strengthen the ones we already have.

5. Move faster

The world moves fast, so we must move fast. At Burkhart Marketing Associates, it’s our goal to constantly keep up with trends, new technology and business practices. As a team we can streamline our processes to regularly review new content. When we know more, we can provide more to our clients. Moving faster means we understand the importance of adjusting and learning.

These resolutions will serve as a guide for many other goals we set for ourselves throughout the year. Burkhart Marketing Associates’s team is equipped and ready for what 2014 has to offer. We are prepared for new challenges, excited about new friends and grateful for new opportunities. Bring on a busy and awesome 2014!

Burkhart Marketing Associates is a full-service Indianapolis Marketing Firm. BMA’s mission is to outthink, outwork, outperform and have fun doing it. Contact BMA today if you are looking for a plan and process for strategic list segmentation. We can provide a full-service and integrated approach. Check out Burkhart Marketing Associates on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter

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