A Companies’ Wrecking Ball: Not Blogging

BMA or Bacon Cheeseburger?
BMA or Bacon Cheeseburger?

Imagine that Burkhart Marketing Associates is a Bacon Cheeseburger. I know you’re thinking, “where is this going,” but stay with me. When all the components to a Bacon Cheeseburger are properly prepared and artfully crafted together you have a mouthwatering, delightful treat. Now, let’s examine each part of Burkhart Marketing and that burger that has your mouth watering.

The Bun: The Burkhart  staff serves as the bun to the sandwich. They are supportive and the right consistency to keep the sandwich together. If the bun is too hard ideas cannot be accepted, clients will be disappointed and the sandwich will crumble. If the bun is too soft the sandwich will fall apart and certain key components will slip.

The Meat: Our clients make up the meat of the sandwich. They are undoubtedly the most important aspect to the sandwich. They give us flavor, texture and substance. Without our amazing clients we are a meatless burger. I don’t know about you, but that just doesn’t sound right.

The Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and other Condiments:  The condiments of the sandwich are made up of our ideas, talents, vendors and programs we use to deliver great products to our clients. Without these additives our sandwich would be bland and probably taste like those cardboard burgers we all used to get in the cafeteria.

Even though we have this great Cheeseburger and we are delivering great things to our clients we still think something is missing…

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Merry Christmas from Burkhart Marketing!

Hello friends!

Merry Christmas to all from Burkhart Marketing Associates!  It’s been a fantastic year at our agency.  We have welcomed our newest additions Jason Ratliff, Manager of Creative Services and Beth Valdettaro, VP of Business Relations.  And we even celebrated our 2nd Annual Open House this past October at our office in beautiful, always growing Fountain Square.  We had a great turnout and are already looking forward to next year’s.  We are so thankful to all our amazing friends, supporting families, good clients, and colleagues who always keep us counting our blessings.

Our Annual Company Christmas Party couldn’t have been more relaxing.  Dressed in our ugly Christmas sweaters, we got the party started with a cup of good cheer having margaritas at La Revolucion.  Drinks were then followed up with some company photos outside of Fountain Square Theater.  After a few flashes, we headed inside and upstairs for some highly competitive Duck Pin Bowling.  Once our time was up, we met back at the office for some much needed yummy Christmas cookies and gift exchange. We hope you enjoy the video recapping all the Christmas fun at BMA.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-Burkhart Marketing Associates

Menus Going in the Digital Direction


Digital Menu Boards at a McAlister’s Deli in Carmel, Indiana.


Menus Going in the Digital Direction

You may have noticed something different in the past year at one of your favorite restaurants. While in-line ordering at a fast casual restaurant, menus are starting to look more entertaining to the eye? That’s because many chains are in the process of developing and adding digital menu boards to all of their units!

What is a digital menu board?

Digital menu boards are LCD, Plasma, TV or LED screens that take the place of static menu boards in restaurant venues. Content is delivered to the menu board through a central content manager and changes are displayed to the menu dynamically based on the requirements of the venue.

Restaurant companies like its ability to make changes to menu pricing, food images, and promotional messaging on the fly. The industry seems to enjoy the features of presenting attractive moving HD images of product or commercial clips. These crisp components are simplifying their operations, better engaging customers and even changing their point of sale. It is also helping them to manage their overstocked inventory by pushing those specific items that are over-supplied.

What does a digital menu board look like? We’re glad you asked. Here’s a youtube video of one at McDonald’s displaying its amazing graphics and mouth-watering shots and clips of their McCafe items like their new Chocolate Chip Frappe.


This past year, Burger King unveiled an entire line of digital menu boards to nearly all of their locations making it the first and leader among the larger chains. Months ago, Burger King pushed a brownie sundae animation that had such an impact that they ran out of product. But since then, others have caught up and are joining the digital party.

Tim Horton’s Café plans to have digital menu boards at more than 3,000 of their Canadian locations by the end of next year. Additional chains like Dairy Queen and Subway are slowly coming around to testing it in their restaurants as well.

While there isn’t enough data to support the change in sales in the digital menu boards, some chains such as McAlister’s Deli (307 unit deli of Ridgeland, Mississippi) according to their data, have cited a 12 month break-even point for the technology in their stores. More data will come out in the next year but for now, most chains have not shared any details about how the technology has impacted their sales.

More and more companies will be using digital signage in the next few years, and it’s going to encompass all industries not just in the restaurant business. We at Burkhart Marketing Associates have the experience to be your vendor on all your digital signage needs and can work with you on creating ideas and delivering results.

For even more information read the following article from Nation’s Restaurant News or contact our Digital Services Department at info@burkhartmarketing.com.


Foursquare: Has Your Business Checked In?

When explaining Foursquare to people, I often hear the baffled response, “So people check in places… and then what?”

Like any social phenomenon, it doesn’t have to make perfect sense to you in order to get on board, learn, and reap the benefits. Foursquare is a location-based social network, and one of the most rapidly growing applications in this movement we call the social media revolution.
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4 Keys To Outdoor Advertising

Let’s face it; outdoor advertising is not going anywhere. I’m as on-board as anyone when it comes to digital marketing and the new, effective methods of reaching your target audience. But outdoor advertising, be it print or digital, is here to stay. And why not? A forty-eight foot message glaring through your windshield has a way of getting noticed.

But if you’re going to implement large-scale outdoor advertising, there are four things you must understand if you’re going to do it right:

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